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PWS Library

The Library is a cozy and inviting gathering place and a many faceted education resource.  Our holdings include:

·      Picture books for young children

·      Fiction and non-fiction books for developing readers at all ages

·      Resources for parents including information on child development, Waldorf education, anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner, healthcare, social inclusion, and celebrations and festivals


Using the Library

The Library is open during school hours.  We operate on an honor system, and require the cooperation of all borrowers.

The shelves are organized using the Dewey Decimal System for library arrangement.

Elementary PWS classes visit on a regular basis with teacher or parent helpers, and older students come to the library to find reference materials for school projects. 

Young children may use the library when accompanied by an adult. Grades children may check out books before or after school and during school hours with their teacher’s permission.

The Library is overseen by part-time Library Manager, Ian Terrell. 


Volunteers help with checking in, and shelving; processing new books and mending damaged books; and keeping the Library neat, clean, and attractive.  As an ongoing project, Library workers are creating a database that lists all the books the library owns, making shelf lists available by title, author, or subject. 

The Library Committee is made up of parent volunteers who meet with the Library Manager several times during the school year to discuss issues around development, planning, and fundraising.  To raise funds for purchasing new titles the Library Committee typically sponsors a Book Fair in the fall and a Used Book Sale in the spring.

Book Donations
Families are invited to donate a book each year in honor of your child’s birthday. Please refer to the library Wish List (posted on the library bulletin board) for title ideas.


If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering please contact Library Manager, Ian Terrell.