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Waldorf Education in the News

Waldorf Schools offer a distinctive pedagogy that often garners national and local media attention for its unique and innovative characteristics. At the core of Waldorf education are principles of child development that have inspired many commentators' attention in the national discussion on how we learn and how to best teach our children. Waldorf schools demonstrate the effectiveness of teaching that focuses on learning through the body, through movement, storytelling, observation and in social interactions at a simpler, awe-inspiring, and care-filled pace that focuses the child's attention on excellence, beauty, intuitiveness and discipline. These characteristics instill rigor, confidence, motivation, independence, and a lifelong love of learning in our students.

Thank you Chicago Waldorf for inspiring this page! 

Network News Television, Video & Broadcast Media:

Media Source Description Date
TED Talk: Ken Robinson Ken Robinson Jun 04, 2013
CNN Profile of a Waldorf School Silicon Valley School With No Computers. Mar 13, 2013
New York Times Schools for Tomorrow Conference - Building a Better Teacher Go directly to the segment "Head to Head" (34:34) to see Lucy Wurtz, from the Waldorf School of the Peninsula in discussion with Ted Brodheim COO of Epals Sep 13, 2012
FOX News Cover Story: Waldorf Education Revising Education: No Computers, Less Testing. Feb 08, 2012
FOX 29: Philadelphia Waldorf Schools: Unplugged on Purpose Feb 05, 2012
CBS Profile of Waldorf Education "Going Retro"- No Computers in Classrooms. Dec 05, 2011
MS-NBC Interviews Students & Teachers Education Unplugged: Waldorf Speaks Its Mind Nov 30, 2011
MS-NBC Segment from Education Nation The Waldorf Way Eschews Technology Nov 30, 2011

National Print Media Articles on Waldorf Education

Media Source Description Date
AsiaOne News (AFP) China Starts to Question Strict Schooling Methods Mar 13, 2012
New York Times: Sunday Review Sunday Dialogue: Using Technology to Teach Oct 29, 2011
Sunday New York Times front-page article A Silicon Valley School That Doesn't Compute Oct 23, 2011
Orion Magazine Unplugged Schools: Education can ameliorate, or exacerbate, society's ills. Oct 03, 2007

National Articles on Education Supporting Waldorf Principles

Media Source Description Date
Education & Health by Alix Spiegel- National Public Radio Struggle For Smarts? Eastern & Western Cultures Tackle Learning Nov 12, 2012
Education by Matt Richtel- The New York Times Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say Nov 01, 2012
Op Ed by Michael Graves The New York Times Architecture and the Lost Art of Drawing Sep 01, 2012
Kim John Payne- Simplicity Parenting Why the Ritalin Debate Is Asking the Wrong Question: Healing Our Kids' Soul With Simplicity Mar 12, 2012
New York Times: Tech Bits/Business Technology, Schools and a Big Black Bug. Oct 22, 2011
The Atlantic- Health Column Feature All Work & No Play: Why Kids Are More Anxious, Depressed. Oct 12, 2011
NYTimes- Grading the Digital School Inflating the Software Report Card. Oct 08, 2011
NYTimes- Business Day/Technology In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores. Sep 03, 2011
CNN's Global Public Square Rebellion of an Innovation Mom: Entrepreneurs Need Creativity. Jun 05, 2011
New York Times Magazine The Twitter Trap. May 18, 2011
On Being with Krista Tippett- American Public Media A World Through the Hands: Renate Hiller on Handwork Aug 30, 2010
Video Interview with Kim John Payne "Half Magic" view of a Beautiful World. Jun 08, 2009