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11th Grade

As students mature in their junior year, they ask "why" in a new way, wanting to know the intentions behind acts and institutions in order to define their relationship to the world around them.

In English, students hone their research skills and sharpen their critical thinking.  A unit on cultural identities asks who we are as Americans. In botany, students look at why plants differentiate as they do.

Main Lesson Blocks
Literature: Parzival

Mathematics: Projective Geometry

History: U.S. History: Cultural Identities; U.S. History: Expansion & Imperialism; World War I; Middle Ages; History through Music

Science: Botany; Atomic Chemistry; Astronomy; Motors, Electricity & Magnetism

Continuous Track Classes
English: Shakespeare; Romantic poets: literary criticism; emphasis on critical thinking, research skills.

Mathematics: Algebra II; trigonometry; pre-calculus

Foreign Language: Spanish or German

Music: Choir, Orchestra, Handbells, Jazz Band, Guitar, African Drumming

Movement: Eurythmy; Physical Education

Art Blocks
Fine Art: Painting; sculpture

Applied Art: Blacksmithing; Book Arts II