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The Denise Fortier Memorial Scholarship was established in 2004 to remember Denise Fortier, a beloved PWS teacher, painter and mother who passed away in 2003. 

The $2000 scholarship was established by PWS parents Brian and Kim Corekin in Denise’s memory and to recognize a graduating 12th grade student’s thoughtful appreciation of the Waldorf education he or she has received.


2013 - Mary Evans
2012 - Sophia Rice
2011 – Robyn Brigham,
 Runner up: Gabriel Zinn, Honorable Mention:  Whitman Craig, Katrina Dimick
2010 – Boris Popadiuk, Honorable Mention: Britta Conlon
2009 – Maya Dair Rothfuss
2008 – Peter Durrantm Honorable Mention:  Daniel Parecki, Samuel Wasko
2007 – Ariel Page, Honorable Mention:  Shannon O’Brien
2006 – Olivia Thom
2005 – Julia DaRosa
2004 – Jessica Potter, Honorable Mention:  Jeremiah Wasson-Adler, Alexander Blair