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Tuition Assistance at PWS


The Tuition Assistance program (TA) assists in the overall health and growth of PWS by seeking to balance the economic needs of the family with the economic needs of the school.  Awards are provided to families for whom the current tuition amount would be a significant financial hardship, and amounts granted are based on a family’s ability to pay by considering all funds available to the family outside of core cost-of-living expenses. PWS stretches to meet each family where they are financially, and in turn we expect that each family will stretch their financial resources and look outside the schools’ modest resources to find help in contributing, and continuously strive to pay full tuition.

Important information about Tuition Assistance

Application to the TA program is an annual process, and awards are made based on family need, balanced with needs of other families who apply the same year and against resources that PWS currently has available.  

We cannot provide an estimate of TA award prior to completion of the process; however we encourage all families who truly value a Waldorf education for their children to apply as early as possible as we earnestly work to meet the need of each family.

All TA awards are made for one year only. Each year, and for each family, parents must apply and submit the appropriate application and supporting documents. 

PWS does not receive funds from the government, TADs, or other outside sources. Tuition Assistance funding is drawn from a percentage of money that the school collects from the tuition contributions from full-paying families and small amounts voluntarily contributed, also by parents, for the operating budget of the school. Lifestyle choices that result in increased expenses or decreased income cannot be underwritten by the Tuition-assistance fund, and approval for TA requires that a Waldorf education be among a family’s highest priorities for discretionary spending. 

Divorced or separated families The Tuition Assistance program requires all households in which the student(s) live to submit financial information to TADS so that we have a full picture of the resources that support the financial needs of the student and family.  Parents may decide to apply separately or jointly.

Tuition assistance is awarded according to the application at the time of the award but it is important that tuition continues to be a priority for each family throughout the year. Changes to a family’s financial situation should be brought immediately to the attention of the committee so that we can make adjustments to ensure the sustainability of the awarded amount.  Changes in financial situation or enrollment application after the TA application is submitted may necessitate an adjustment to the award.

Admission decisions are made independently of decisions to award tuition assistance. Student admission is determined by the class teacher and admissions office prior to TA review.  The TA committee reviews family requests only after the student(s) have been admitted to PWS.

The Tuition-Assistance process is held in strict confidence and with deep respect for privacy and understanding of each individual family’s striving to contribute everything that they are able to pay. Tuition-Payment Agreements are considered confidential agreements. We ask that participating families hold these agreements in the same confidence--please do not share or publish your tuition assistance in general OR in detail with your peers. 

Tuition Assistance applications are only reviewed when all balances and fees are current. Please speak with the Business Office if your account is past-due. 

PWS fees, tuition deposits, and other class costs are not included in tuition assistance, and families will need to budget for these annually.