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Tuition Assistance at PWS

Extenuating Circumstances

If your family has extenuating circumstances and is unable to pay the tuition amount designated by the committee for your income level, you may apply to be considered for short-term additional assistance to address these extenuating circumstances. This process would happen after you receive your initial TA award letter, and requires additional steps to the TADS application and verification. Please continue to step 1. 

STEP 1: Submit Appeal 
To initiate the Appeal process, please provide:

1.     A completed TA application/budget form (click to download or request from PWS Business Office)
2.     A letter of explanation of the extenuating circumstances, and why your family situation is different from others at the same income level.
3.     Availability for an in-person conversation (all parents) with two TA-committee members

You may submit these materials via email (ta(at) or directly to the PWS Business Office, upstairs.

The deadline to appeal or accept your TA award will be two weeks following the date your award notification is issued.

STEP 2: Conversation
After TADS has verified your Adjusted Gross Income (through your initial application), and you have provided a letter of explanation and a completed the TA-Appeal packet, you will be contacted by a TA-Committee member to set up an appointment for a conversation. Both parents should be present for the conversation, or each parent can have a separate conversation if requested. During this conversation, you will work with committee members to determine a special tuition adjustment for the current year and discuss your plan for increasing contribution in the near future.   

Please note: Your child(ren)’s enrollment at PWS depends upon timely completion of the tuition-payment agreement as well as on-time payment of tuition.  If an agreement is not reached within the TA-appeal process, this may affect enrollment status.

STEP 3: Accept Award
After final tuition is agreed upon during the TA-Appeal conversation, you will be sent an email notification from TADS for your new tuition-payment agreement.

Deadline: The final tuition-payment agreement must be completed in TADS within two weeks of notification from TADS. If deadline is not met, your TA award will be forfeited.

Remember, tuition payments begin in June. You can select the date of monthly payment through TADS.