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Tuition Assistance at PWS

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when determining my family's ability to pay?
PWS expects families to honestly evaluate their ability to pay tuition, including how lifestyle choices have impacted that ability, when applying for Tuition Assistance. A good rule of thumb is to consider your “core” expenses, ie. housing, utilities, food, clothing. Other expenses are considered “discretionary” and need to be weighed with the benefit and privilege of sending your child(ren) to a private Waldorf school. Please honor the financial health of the school, and know that families with very low incomes make considerable sacrifices send their children to PWS. We also urge you to look beyond the school's resources for assistance in paying tuition.

Are there any other resources that can help me pay tuition?
Our first suggestion is to consider asking for tuition support from family members who may value and support your decision to give your children a Waldorf education. Many families also find simple sources of additional income, such as consigning hand-made items in the school store or other use of parent/family talents.

Many private lending institutions provide special services to families who wish to borrow money for private school or college tuition. Your bank may have low-interest rates on such loans. Alternatively, you may be able to borrow against insurance policies or stock holdings.  

How much Tuition Assistance funding is available?
Our Board of Trustees annually sets the total amount of assistance we offer, as a percentage of gross tuition. PWS has no full scholarship program, and Tuition Assistance typically meets only a portion of a family's full need.

Are there emergency funds available if family income is cut during the year?
Our tuition assistance fund is limited and usually allotted by the beginning of the school year. If an emergency arises, you may make a special written appeal to the Tuition Assistance Committee for additional tuition assistance.

How are Tuition Assistance levels determined?
Tuition assistance is based on a number of factors including PWS resources and need demonstrated by TA-participating families, as well as your annual family income, savings, property holdings, investments, and family size. Applying is much like applying for a bank loan or a home mortgage. You need to gather together all the documents that provide an accurate summary of your family finances. Eligibility cannot be determined unless you provide all requested information. If there are two households involved, each household needs to apply.

What happens if my family received financial assistance and our financial circumstances change for the better?
If you are so fortunate, we ask that you notify the school that you no longer need your assistance award. This could significantly help another family!

What is the deadline for applying for tuition assistance?
Timely completion of tuition-payment agreements is very important for the stability of budget-setting for programs at PWS. Once you have submitted an application for your child/children, you may also apply for Tuition Assistance. The TA-application deadline for returning PWS families is February 7th. New families may apply at time of application to the school, but a completed tuition-payment agreement OR a completed Tuition-assistance application, both in TADS, is required within 2 weeks of acceptance from PWS.  Later application will affect enrollment status or availability of assistance funds.

Please read the TA Process, Policies & Deadlines for more information.