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Welcome to Huckleberry Preschool!

Serving children ages 3 & 4, with 2/3/5 day options


2-Day Option: Th/Fri, 8:30 am - 1 pm

3-Day Option: Mon/Tue/Wed, 8:30 am - 1 pm

5-Day Option: Mon-Fri, 8:30 am - 1 pm

Aftercare is available 5 days per week until 5:30 pm.


Please come visit us! To schedule a personal tour, please contact Mary.Beaton(at) or call 503-654-2200 x207. 

For enrollment and application information, please visit our Enroll page.


What is Waldorf preschool?
Our Preschool program offers young children daily opportunities for dynamic, self-initiated free play with ample time and space provided for both indoor and outdoor activities. Within the daily rhythm, our teachers weave simple songs, movement games, nursery rhymes, poems, stories and puppetry into an holistic learning journey. Artistic and domestic activities such as watercolor painting, natural crafts, baking and seasonal cooking nourish and delight the senses.

How do teachers support the children?
With a deep understanding of child development, our teachers take great care to inspire natural learning in a relaxed and peaceful setting. The simplicity of our beautiful classrooms allow our teachers to guide children through the gentle rhythms of each day in a joyful and predictable manner. With sensitivity to the impressionable nature of the young child, they are mindful of modeling a calm, loving presence.

How are children being prepared to meet their future?
The natural outcome of a Waldorf Early Childhood experience is a foundation of self-confidence, empathy for others, and respect for nature. Our playful curriculum supports the development of hand-eye coordination, attention span, awareness of patterns and sequencing, and appreciation for the beauty of language. These qualities foster the child's natural capacities for literacy, numeracy, and imaginative spatial and scientific thinking.

What makes Waldorf special?
The combination of a nurturing environment, predictable rhythm, and mindful teaching support each child in building their solid foundation for future academic success, an intact sense of wonder, and a lifelong love of learning.