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Middle School, grades 6-8

The middle-school years are all about change. Physical change parallels mental development as students emerge from the purely imaginative mode of childhood into the increasingly abstract thinking of adolescence. The Waldorf middle-school curriculum inspires and supports students through this transition.  An experiential teaching approach engages students, while the breadth of the program's academic subjects, two foreign languages, music, art, dance, physical education, drama, handwork and woodwork challenges them and develops the full range of each students' capacities.

How do children experience their physical and intellectual transformation? What questions do they ask out of that experience?  The period of history each class studies meets these questions and matches the capacities developing in young people at each stage. Other subjects pick up that theme, weaving it into a holistic approach to learning.      

Special events include the Medieval Games for the 6th grade, and for 7th and 8th grades, a spring track-and-field meet with other Waldorf schools, often as many as eight schools, with 160 student participants.

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