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Service Learning Program

Student Community Service Projects

High school students create and participate in a variety of community service projects in the school, in the surrounding neighborhoods, and in the greater Portland metro area. Each year students complete two community service projects, contributing on average 16 hours of service. Each student also writes a reflective essay about his/her experience volunteering with a non-profit organization.

In addition, each April PWHS students and teachers spend a day volunteerlng together at 5 local non-profit organizations. This is our way of celebrating National Volunteer Service Week and Earth Day.

Organizations students have partnered with:

Oregon Food Bank
Garden-Raised Bounty (GruB)
Milwaukie Farmers' Market
Portland Waldorf School
Write Around Portland
Blanchet House of Hospitality
ReBuilding Center
World Steward/Cold Spring Farm
Northwest Children's Theater
Forest Park Conservancy
Princeton Village Assisted Living 
Freie Waldorf School
Four Winds Foundation
Outdoor School Leadership
Northeast Emergency Food Program
Willamette Humane Society
Black Rose Collective Bookstore
Hillsboro Library
Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra
Portland Parks and Recreation
Grant Youth Lacrosse
Habitat for Humanity

Student Testimonials

"Working at GruB was so much fun! It felt really good to know that I was helping a family to have access to healthy, sustainable produce. I also learned how to build a basic raised bed, which will be useful when I have my own home." Taylor Holland, 2011

"I learned a lot about how big fundraisers work behind the scenes. NW Children's Theatre has given me so much and it felt great to be able to give something back to them." Florence LeBas, 2010

"I gained an increased awareness of the processes of nature, as well as trail building skills that I can apply in my life. I learned that many hands make light work."  Collin Churchill, 2012, Forest Park Conservancy

"This project really made me reflect on how privileged and lucky I am. When I was volunteering, I thought about the reality that many Oregonians have to worry about feeding themselves and/or their family. I hope that the Oregon Food Bank can bring some light into the lives of those in need, because the Food Bank definitely brought light and awareness into my life through allowing me to serve there." Claire Potter, 2010

"Helping people in need gave me deep satisfaction and I felt more fulfilled in volunteering. It was good for me to build personal relationships with elders, which is an ability that will help me as I go out into society more in the future." Katherine Park, 2011, Princeton Assisted Living