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12th Grade

As students prepare to graduate and move consciously into the wider world, their curiosity deepens about how the world operates and what their place in it will be. World consciousness becomes the theme of the senior year.

Students study human development, and reflect on their own lives. They take classes in the global economy and the history of the twentieth century. Science includes ecology and the atomic structure of nuclear power. In math, students apply the tools of calculus and statistics to their world.

Main Lesson Blocks
Literature: Modern literature

Mathematics: Calculus

History: 20th Century World History; World History through Architecture; Global Economy

Science: Zoology; Environmental Chemistry; Optics

Continuous Track Classes
: American Transcendentalists; research skills; emphasis on synthesis in thinking and writing

Mathematics: Pre-calculus; Calculus; Business systems

Foreign Language: Spanish or German

Music Elective: Choir, Orchestra, Handbells, Guitar, Jazz Band, African Drumming

Movement: Eurythmy; Physical Education

Art Blocks
Painting or Woodworking or Book Arts III

Drama: Senior play production

Senior Project: Individual project with faculty approval