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Being a part of the community.

Are you interested in volunteering at PWS?

There are many opportunities:

Parent Council's Mission is to

  • Enliven all aspects of community life.
  • Facilitate communication among faculty, administration, and the parent body.
  • Build better understanding of the cultural mission of the school as set forth by the College of Teachers.

The goal of Parent Council is to create a community that supports and enriches all of its members. Following are some ways in which these three aspects of our mission are manifested.

Enliven community life: Parent Council hosts the annual New Parent Orientation, supports family mentor and social inclusion programs, coordinates the weekly faculty snack, and coordinates and supports parent participation in festivals, fundraising efforts, and other school-wide events.

Facilitate communication: Information from the Administration, Board and College is channeled through Parent Council representatives to the class parents. Parents can bring concerns and questions to the Council or to their class's representative. Additionally, the very nature of Parent Council -interested parents from each class coming together regularly to meet and learn and share their experiences, concerns, and ideas- fosters a deep and very satisfying type of communication among the Council members.

Parent Council membership includes two or more representatives from each early childhood class and grades 1-8 and HS representation.  One member from each class attends Council meetings and is a class liaison to other areas of the school.  The other member is the Class Coordinator, who assists the teacher in coordinating parents for class activities and support. Speak with your Class Representative about how to get involved with Parent Council activities.


Current Parents may sign (below) into their Parent Portal through our Veracross database.

Veracross is a powerful tool you can use to access school calendars and directories.  You can also update your personal information.  Do you have a new email or phone number?  Now you don't have to call the office, just change your information here.  You can also use the Veracross portal to find people who live within 5 miles of you so you can find a carpool buddy.


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Parents, here is how to download our Mobile Directory to your smart phone: