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PWS Dress Code

We strive to have beauty in every aspect of our school life and ask children to dress neatly, cleanly and tastefully.  Please ensure that clothing is warm enough for outdoor play (including full rain gear).  Your child may need a special pair of indoor shoes for classroom use. Talk with your child's teacher for more specific information.

In general, anything that might become a distraction to learning or is provocative in any way should be avoided.  Your child's teacher may have additional guidelines for their class; please speak with him or her for specific standards.  Disregard for any part of the dress code may result in the parents being contacted to bring other clothes to school or other disciplinary action for the child.

Please observe the following dress code standards for all school activities for Grades 1-8.

  1. Clothing should be solid-colored, plaid, floral patterned, etc.
  2. Any designs on clothing should be non-distracting and non-commercial.  In general this means no pictures, writing, advertisements, or licensed images.
  3. All clothing must be hemmed.  No cutoffs, torn clothing or frayed edges are permitted.
  4. Shorts, dresses, and skirts must be longer than 4 inches above the knee, with no slits above this length.
  5. Hair should be combed, clean, neat, out of the eyes, and non-distracting.  A teacher may request a child's bangs be cut or pulled back.  Bleached, dyed, or otherwise colored hair is not permitted.
  6. Shirts must be worn right side out.  No exposed midriff, cleavage, or visible undergarments.  Tank tops must have a shoulder width of at least 2 inches.
  7. Wearing hats is not allowed in the building.
  8. All clothing must fit appropriately.  No baggy or sagging wear is permitted.
  9. Very moderate use of cosmetics and dangling earrings is permitted in Grades 7 and 8 only, at the teacher's discretion.
  10. Piercing of the ears only.
  11. Shoes must be worn at all times while on campus and be functional for school activities.  Closed-toe shoes are required in handwork and woodwork classes.  Changing into appropriate footwear is not an allowable reason for tardiness. Gym shoes should only be worn in the gym.  Shoes with wheels are not allowed.
  12. Clothing should be suitable for both classroom and outdoor play, including games and gardening classes.
  13. The following items are not allowed: athletic uniforms, military fatigues; high heels or platform shoes, open-backed sandals or shoes, with the exception of slip-on indoor shoes only; chains, with the exception of fine jewelry; watches that beep in class.


First offense: Students must go to the office and exchange the item of clothing in violation of the dress code for an appropriate item.

Second offense: The above plus the teacher calls the parents.

Third offense: The above plus the student will need to go home for the day. If the parents work and are not available to come to school, a third person must be designated.  Before returning to school both the student and parent should sign a dress code contract agreeing to abide by the dress code

Further infringements follow the suspension procedures as outlined in the discipline section of the handbook.