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10th Grade

Having worked through black and white thinking, tenth graders become curious about process and transformation. The "how" interests them. How did things get to be like this?

The 10th grade curriculum meets and answers these questions. In Meteorology, they learn how weather is produced; in Physiology, a study of the endocrine system is a study of bodily processes. In Humanities, students study the development of the English language, and in a study of ancient Greece, the development of consciousness about the act of thinking itself.

Main Lesson Blocks
:  Poetics/Flowering of English Language

Mathematics: Classical Math; Trigonometry/Surveying

History: Ancient History; The Greeks

World History: Indigenous Peoples; Slavery and the Civil War

Science: Human Physiology; Acids, Bases, Salts; Meteorology;

Mechanics: Statics & Kinetics

Continuous Track Classes
English: Short stories; Odyssey and Gilgamesh; Romeo and Juliet; emphasis on compare and contrast, study skills, debate

Mathematics: Euclidean Geometry

Foreign Language: Spanish or German

Music Elective: Choir, Orchestra, Guitar, Jazz Band, Handbells

Movement: Eurythmy; Physical Education

Art Blocks: Fine Art; Sculpture; Painting; Printmaking

Applied Art: Woodworking/Marquetry; Book Arts; Spinning

Drama: Dramatic Production